MAC-D of Harmonik almost COLLAPSED on Jeremie stage

Haitian artist pleading for his 100k Youtube subscriber award now, because Mikaben only reached his after his death

The Body of Haitian Singer Mikaben gets cremated for memorial service

It’s over. Mikaben’s family held private funeral in Florida for the singer who collapsed onstage in Paris.

Haitian artist Mikaben finally earns his Silver Play Button Award on Youtube following his death

Other artists are dying the same way Haitian Artist Mikaben collapsed on stage in France.

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#HaitianArtistLivesMatter?HMI artist Mikaben tweets for all musicians to boycott Haiti’s cultural events to push for copyright establishment in the country.

Haitian pastor profiles musical Icon at airport and calls all other HMI artists a bunch of beggars in leaked audio (video)

Haitian singer, Misty Jean, to answer questions to see if she’s an accomplice for the two dancers who died before her Live show.

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Blondedy Ferdinand CAUGHT FOR FRAUD . . . After she allegedly received funds for disabled Haitian boy picture she reportedly stole.

Haiti’s ex-president Michel Martelly threatens New York woman for interference during speech . . . The JISKOBOU woman responded (VIDEO)

Blondedy Ferdinand FORCEFULLY makes Haitian woman KISS her mother’s FEET too during second Haiti trip (VIDEO)

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Just Call her GPS . . . Because she’s all over the map . . . Blondedy Ferdinand signs up to be an international fashion model . . . This could mean dumping the HMI (The Video)

HMI . . . Blondedy DELETES all her photos wearing RG BRAND swimwear by Rutshelle . . . After she refuses to repost the LOVE.

Rutshelle and Phylissia take time out to address their CRITICS they have nothing to prove on their new duo music video (WATCH)