South Florida Haitian Nurse exposes her cheating boyfriend on Live, “Get your s**t and leave” (VIDEO)

DEVELOPING. SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO… A couple in South Florida, Ajah Jdor caught her boyfriend who is Anderson Bruno. (Anderson seems to have deleted his Fb). To begin, according to Ajah in the video, it […]


Video: Blondedy shares passionate tongue kissing with Jbeatz all for the camera . . . Husband Yves patiently awaits her back home

Video clip of Blondedy Ferdinand surfaces of her tongue kissing Jbeatz for cameras while her husband with all the patience in the world at home with the kids. The video seemed it was captured during […]


Haitian HUSBAND CHEATS during entire christian talk show in Orlando. Mistress is PREGNANT and she keeping it!

The victim Nadege Noel didn’t see it coming when her husband Richard Begein or better known as XLsior betrayed her trust. They were Orlando’s Christianity couple on their famous talk show “Teach Christian To Make […]


MIAMI-HAITIAN man who TRAVELS to Haiti just to kill his cheating girlfriend says he did it to “set an example”

Updated 05/05/2018: Rigaud has spoken to clarify the rumors below. He claims he did not do a DNA for his little girl he have with Marlene Colin. He simply wanted an opportunity to get her […]


GADE KIJAN yon nonm SOVAJ mesye | Ta sanble ROLAND te konn ap pran PLEZI L sou kote pandan 19 ans relasyon an | Men li ak PLIZYÈ LÒT fanm (Antre vin wè FOTO)

Banm kouri retounen mete w okouran de sak te pase. Yon nèg madanm li te manke toufe l sou yon bato kote Klass tap jwe nan New York, arive jwenn menm dam sa mete ajenou […]


Haitian Pastor Jackson releases the video | when his wife and brother Bertin were together | If you know body language you can see she got caught (VIDEO)

Last night we dropped the bombshell video of a pastor who exposed his cheating wife Live on Facebook. Now we want you to witness the moment when his wife Rita were with brother Bertin, his […]


Haitian COUPLE had a sex accident _ they’re literally stuck together after an attempt to CHEAT _ Here’s what really happened….

Two cheaters are caught stuck together after they allegedly booked a hotel room to cheat on their significant others.  The couple was being drag to a nearby hospital in Port-au-Prince so that something could be […]


Husband catches a Side Boyfriend in bed with his wife _ He didn’t do nothing too bad but lets him walk out the house Naked _ IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SNOW TOO!

According to rumors, this man in the video below was caught in bed with another man’s wife. The husband came home and found him on top his newly wed, throws him out the house and […]


Guys get in here now _ You have to see what’s happening behind closed doors when the ladies say “IT’S GIRLS NIGHT OUT” _ but first we must WARN you this video may increase jealousy in some relationships!

A woman puts out a video saying her man dumped her because she forgot to delete this video from her phone before she headed back home to her boyfriend’s house. The anonymous now ex-girlfriend wants […]


Rutshelle is caught being herself again _ She was in a hotel room with another — USED GUY _ A man she claims she loves very much, AGAIN _ Pictures of Rutshelle naked in her — USED man’s shirt inside..

Rutshelle was spotted with a new guy and she’s treating him like they have been together for some times now. In a picture she posted on Instagram, Rutshelle refers to this man, Ruddy Nau, as […]