Colombia, Once Again Calling For The Release Of The Mercenary Colombians Imprisoned in Haiti

Colombia has called for the release of 18 Colombian mercenaries living in prisons in Haiti after being arrested for the assassination of the late President Jovenel Moïse. According to Carlos Carmago, an emissary who visited […]


Haitian domestic violence scandal escaladed….the search is on for YVES LEONARD’S ARREST, President Jovenel Moise QUICKLY VACATES the house he was renting from him!!!

President Jovenel Moise vacated his place of residence after learning the man he got the house from is involve in a domestic violence against Tabarre Mayor Nice Simon, the star actress from the classic movie […]


The head of ”Dessalines son”, Moise Jean Charles, RUSHED to Port-Au-Prince hospital with life threatening illness

The head of [Pitit Dessalines], Moise Jean-Charles, is a victim of a “serious malaise”, was hospitalized Friday morning, announced the journalist Jean Monard Metellus, presenter of the Ranmase and Intersection broadcasts. “Since last night, the […]


OK! Enough about the first lady Martine Moise wardrobe malfunction _ Did you guys see what Rene Preval’s wife Elizabeth was wearing? _ CHECK THEM OUT_ The PREVALS are killing the red carpet!!!

Earlier today,  Haiti held their 58th president inauguration close to where the national palace was standing before the 2010 earthquake destroyed it. It’s official, Jovenel Moise is the president of the first black country to […]


The ”Neg Bannann nan” Jovenel Moise is confirmed as the winner _ And will be the next president of Haiti in February _ Despite some fraud

After considering 12% of the votes cast in the November 20 election, the judges of the Haitian electoral court concluded that the voting had indeed been tainted by some irregularities. They did, however, detect “no […]

Haitian Culture

The PEOPLE of Haiti ELECTS Jovenel Moise as their choice for president . . . ”Neg Bannann Nan” wins more than 50% of the votes . . . Congratulations to HAITI!

November 29, 2016: After a little over one week since the people of Haiti voted, the Electoral Council unveiled the preliminary results of the November 20 election, PHTK candidate Jovenel Moise is elected as Haiti’s next […]


Odyo: Liliane Pierre Paul lage nan dèyè gouvènman an Sou Dosier Nèg Bannann Lan , Jovenel Moise!!!

Odyo: Liliane Pierre Paul lage nan dèyè gouvènman an sou Dosier Nèg Bannann nan , Jovenel Moise!!! Koute byen kouman Liliane Pierre Paul kap reaji sou zafè Jovenel Moise li di ki fè 6 million […]

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Jovenel Moise “Nèg Bannann nan ” may be Haiti’s next president….some results shows!!!

Jovenel Moise “Nèg Bannann nan ” may be Haiti’s next president….some results shows!!! As some key departments starts releasing their results, it appears that PHTK presidential candidate Jovenel Moise now also known as “Nèg Bannann […]