HMI band Gabel is UNDER FIRE . . . after a recent concert showing them performing FOR STRIPPERS (Shocking Video)

There’s this new trend out in the Haitian music community and not too many Compas lovers are welcoming it, in fact, many find it “Very disrespectful” to what the culture is all about, according to […]


HMI artists start their plan B . . . Fans now have to ‘PAY-PER-VIEW’ to see them online amid Coronavirus

The damages from Covid-19 continue to add up as the light at the of the tunnel still invisible for so many. Since the Coronavirus has taken control of everyone’s life, many are making a few […]


HMI . . . Blondedy DELETES all her photos wearing RG BRAND swimwear by Rutshelle . . . After she refuses to repost the LOVE.

Major beef sparks among two Haitian artists, Rutshelle Guillaume, and Blondedy Ferdinand, over women supporting women post. About a couple weeks ago, right after her controversial performance at the Montreal Creole Music Festival, Blondedy took […]


Rutshelle and Phylissia take time out to address their CRITICS they have nothing to prove on their new duo music video (WATCH)

Some are CONF– USED! About the new collaboration music video, Rutshelle Guillaume and Phylissia Ross dropped hours ago. The track is called ”I’ll BE THERE”, meaning each will have each other’s back despite what their […]


Sweet Micky Visa is BLOCKED, Concert CANCELED for Montreal tonight’s event . . . After group organizations claim he is FAKE, have no respect for women.

Michel Martelly, also known as Sweet Micky CANCELED his event in Montreal, Canada due to possible fear of rejection. According to a report by TVA News, Sweet Mickey faced a visa problem and got stuck […]


Kai’s RICHARD CAVE finally comes out the room, claims RUTSHELLE GUILLAUME as his sugar mama (VIDEO)

SCROLL DOWN FOR THE VDO At last, we have confirmation from Richard Cave during a performance in the Orlando Caribbean Festival on Saturday. Cave reveals to hundreds of fans that ” my wife isn’t here […]


Orlando Caribbean Festival facing MORE ACCUSATIONS from Haitian band managers . . . NEW claims of them allegedly sent out Invitations to ONLY NON-HAITIAN artists to attend their Press Conference because…….

According to an Orlando band Manager, the Festival organizers purposely disinvited Haitian bands on their 8th annual Press Conference. Other nations like Trinidad, Jamaica and Africa were the only ones allowed. Polo Germain, who is […]


Cameraman sa pap fe travay li _ Li avili Rutshelle nan yon program pandan’l sou yon stage _ 3 fwa pa ka yon aksidan mezanmi _ Yo we anba l (VIDEO)

16 Juin, 2017: Gade travay yon cameraman yo bay filme Rutshelle pandan l te sou yon stage nan West Palm Beach Florida. Fet sa pase yon bon ti tan de sa, dapre youn nan joudalis nou yo, men video a te kache […]