Just Call her GPS . . . Because she’s all over the map . . . Blondedy Ferdinand signs up to be an international fashion model . . . This could mean dumping the HMI (The Video)

Controversial Haitian artist Blondedy Ferdinand just pulled out a new card to play after her critics keep winning them arguments every time she does something new.

This time, the former actress who then became a saleswoman, a featuring singer, an entertainer, and now wants to try something brand new you would never have thought of.

Brondedy recently applied to become a model with a Fashion Magazine (ASC) page which ”promotes artists from diverse backgrounds in films, fashion, art, and culture”. The organization is based in New York and has about 1,600 followers since 2017 on its Facebook page.

The magazine welcomed Blondedy as a ”multitalented artist”, and featured her on their summer issue. WKJA was unable to reach ASC for comments about its new product but we did, however, we did obtain video of the ordeal for their new and approved model.