HMI: Roody ROODBOY gets ROBBED after using HAITI ATM . . . The SAVAGE Bandit takes EVERYTHING from him at gunpoint.

Yesterday on Tuesday, Haitian rapper/singer Roody Roodboy was involved in a robbery after he was coming from Sogebank’s ATM by the airport in Port-Au-Prince. Out of nowhere, an armed bandit approached him and demanded everything […]


Roody Roodboy’s “NO CONSCIENCE”video is here . . . His proposal for a THIRD TERM as Carnival president (VIDEO)

SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO Just minutes ago Roody Roodboy released music video for this year’s Haiti Carnival. The singer/rapper once again grabbing lots of attention for the controversial Carnival music. Roodboy is running for his […]


Roody Roodboy’s Orlando event ALSO CANCELED . . . After his EX Rutshelle Visa was not renewed by Trump’s Homeland Security for unknown violation.

We are learning of of an obvious trend happening in the Haitian Musical Industry. Recently, Rutshelle’s scheduled event in Orlando, Miami and Boston got canceled due to a standoff between her and U.S Homeland Security […]


(AUDIO) Roody ROODBOY claims the Haitian govenment killed his dad, mom in new 2019 Carnival track ”No Conscience”!!!!

It’s that time again in Haiti. The 2019 Carnival is here and Roody Roodboy just drop this year’s track ”No Conscience”. However, the message is somewhat a bit political since Roody decided to have as […]


Roody Roodboy almost got set on fire in Brasil after the promoter picked a bad area to host the event. Roodboy reaction….

Roody Roodboy’s Brasil Rendezvous with fans almost didn’t go as planned. The promoter for that event picked a very dangerous spot to host his event and Roodboy wasn’t too happy about it. This is what […]


We told you so! | RUTSHELLE makes shocking CONFESSION she’s not fully over ROODY ROODBOY | Claims he got her LOCKED UP in chains ( VIDEO)

Recent video interview of Rutshelle suggests that she’s still overwhelmingly in love with one of her past 6 boyfriends. On video below she explains in a new song called ” Dechennen’m” how Roody Goodboy still […]


WKJA FLASH: Just like RUTSHELLE did after Roodboy . . . STEPHANE found himself a BANDAGE to cover the BREAKUP BLEEDING . . . Go check out the REBOUND CHICK ( Pictures)

November 16, 2016: Ever wonder what happened to Rutshelle and her recent ex-boyfriend? In case you didn’t know, her and Stephane is no longer together and the reason has been leaked to a close friend […]