MAC-D of Harmonik almost COLLAPSED on Jeremie stage

HMI’s Band Harmonik lead singer MAC-D almost collapsed on stage during a performance in Jeremie, Haiti.

According to a Press release, on January 2, while the artist was performing, he felt uneasy and was forced to stop singing and walk off the stage for precautions.

However, MacD did not get treated at a hospital in Haiti, but he was confirmed that he flew back to his Miami home where he was getting rested.

“We wanted to take a moment to address a minor incident that occurred during our recent performance in Jeremie on January 2nd. Our lead singer Macd experienced a brief malaise on stage that resulted in him not being able to finish the show. Thank you to the team, the people of Jeremie, and the production team for being able to assist him that night. Again, a huge thank you to the people of Jeremie for their care and understanding. We want to clarify that MaD was not taken to the hospital but simply walked off the stage to address the situation and take the necessary precautions. We want to assure you that he is okay and currently back home in Miami, resting. Thank you for your concerns and support.”

The Band statement on Facebook