Florence defends hubby Marlon after Blondedynators call him “Insecure, Unemployed” for tailgating her

The beef competition between Blondedy and Florence have taken new heights.

Almost everywhere Florence is attending, her partner Marlon Dure always present; and some from the Blondedy camp are calling him out.

Their most recent activities were caught during the Festival in Chile this past weekend where the Sirèt businesswoman dropped her debut music “Site Nonm” or “Say My Name”.

Blondedy Ferdinand’s fans better known as Blondedynators wasted no time to accuse her of copying someone else’s music as Flonation did when they also accused Blondedy of copying Beyonce and Selena.

This is what Florence responded with in defence of her man Marlon.

“We ride together, we die together… Bad couple for life!!! Pi gro mentor mwen, pi gro backup mwen… Thanks baby for all your love and protection. San ou mwen patap gen tout courage sa. San ou nou patap gen tout business sa yo. You are the definition of a real man. Ou bouche tout Defo m ??? et mwen bouche tout defo w… nou t fe pou youne lot ?”