Haitian singer, Misty Jean, to answer questions to see if she’s an accomplice for the two dancers who died before her Live show.

In the case of the two young dancers found dead, Nancy Dorlean and Sebastien Petit, Artist Misty Jean will have to answer questions of the justice system in coming days as part of the already open investigation into this tragic death.

There are already several interpellations. Anaika, who is one of the friends among the 4 dancers in Misty Jean’s car, says she will tell what she knows about this case and is ready to answer the court’s questions to give her version.

Misty Jean as the person that these dancers were to entertaining for a scheduled Live show she had to do and it was Misty herself who gave these young people a ride, according to the commissioner, will also have to answer questions.

Misty Jean recently postponed her show where the two dead was going dance on July 2. This story is developing, with different versions, and very confusing. The commissioner and Anaika are saying what they already know about this case.