HMI lost another artist . . . Rocfam’s TOPPY X says “I DO” at his wedding . . . And FREESTYLE his vows . . . Must watch (VIDEO)

Fresnel Nerette, known as Toppy X from the Rockfam group and Melissy Sonsaille said yes on Saturday, April 20 at the LDG reception hall in Montreal, Canada. Toppy X Touttan/Facebook “A big thank-you We especially […]


Kim and Kanye took the spotlight away from 2 Chainz & Kesha at their renewal wedding by dressing up INAPPROPRIATE for the occasion

Inside the Gianni Versace’s mansion in Miami, Kim Kardashian with hubby Kanye West attended 2 Chainz and Kesha’s marriage renewal ceremony, and people are really going in on Kanye for the way he showed up […]


REMEMBER SEWOUZLY? Yep! She’s back but this time as a BRIDE _ Check her out in her wedding dress _ She’s SEWOUZLY beautiful!

A few years ago, she sets Facebook on fire after trying to defend Blondedy Ferdinand who was accused of being bi-sexual. In the process, she intentionally called Haitians ”Stupid” because they would not leave Blondedy […]


Lionel MESSI is officially off the market _ He is now MARRIED to his long-time partner Antonella Roccuzzo _ Pictures and videos of the legendary wedding (INSIDE)

The Barcelona star, Lionel Messi on June 30th married Antonella Roccuzzo, the woman he grew up with in his hometown of Rosario. The five-time Ballon d’Or winner’s wedding was supposed to be made public after […]


Husband finds out his wife is already 4 months pregnant after waiting 27 years to have sex / / / He’s disappointed he was not her first at their honeymoon / / / But now decides to do this….

September 13, 2016: Believe it or not, this guy is the real MVP. An anonymous man has come to forward to share his story about the bravest decision he had to make. He says he […]


Yon pastè evanjelik arete pou vyole fidèl li yo li konvenk pou souse grenn kenbe “lèt sakre”

Sobrino Valdeci Picanto, yon pastè evanjelik nan Brezil, pran tèt disip li yo, pou fe yo konnen li pratike [sèks oral] paske se konsa pou l mache preche bay mesaj pawòl Bondye a, ki di […]