HMI band Gabel is UNDER FIRE . . . after a recent concert showing them performing FOR STRIPPERS (Shocking Video)

There’s this new trend out in the Haitian music community and not too many Compas lovers are welcoming it, in fact, many find it “Very disrespectful” to what the culture is all about, according to […]


SHOCKING images what may look like BLONDEDY Ferdinand in her Montreal hotel with unknown male LEAKED (pics)

Over the weekend in Canada, Haitian saleswoman Blondedy Ferdinand participated and performed at the Creole Music Festival in Montreal, where she stirred up controversy by dressing up like, act and sing to Beyonce music. Critics […]


PHTK Haitian director of National immigration gets EXPOSED….caught on livestream video giving himself a hand job on the job(the shocking video inside)

This video of a Haitian director for the office of National Immigration is going viral on social media. He was caught and exposed after someone leaked the livestream video online. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE […]


Pastor’s wife accidentally LEAKS her own sex video by sending it to the church’s public WHATSAPP group…total embarrassment

A pastor’s wife has made the ultimate mistake by sending her own nude video to a public WhatsApp group. Social media is already going crazy over the video because they couldn’t understand what a pastor’s wife […]


OH MY! Come see this picture of Pastor Billy’s wife _ She’s the most gorgeous woman _ Can’t believe he let them Eve girls take him to the forbidden room over her.

Check out this picture of pastor Billy’s wife at a wedding reception. Isn’t she one of the most beautiful Haitian woman? Yesterday we told you about a video of him with two young ladies at […]


Communiqué de Presse: Louis Mary CADOR réagit à la publication des photos

Communiqué de presse « Je dénonce l’instrumentalisation de matériaux visuels contre ma personne…et présente mes excuses à toute la communauté éducative, mes proches et amis pour ces images avilissantes contre ma personne » Profondément choqué […]


Husband catches a Side Boyfriend in bed with his wife _ He didn’t do nothing too bad but lets him walk out the house Naked _ IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SNOW TOO!

According to rumors, this man in the video below was caught in bed with another man’s wife. The husband came home and found him on top his newly wed, throws him out the house and […]


Haitian-American rapper KODAK BLACK recorded INSTAGRAM live threesome _ They got that CREOLE on LOUD so she don’t understand ANYEN _ Them ZOES are SAVAGES!

Pompano Beach Haitian-American rapper Kodak Black was in Washington for a concert. They ordered room service but they got a woman instead of the foods. People are definitely talking about this one. They are saying […]


Haiti _ 2 men recorded themselves SEXUALLY ASSAULTING an underage girl _ Who is BEGGING for them to stop _ But they won’t _ She looks like she did not want to be in there…

There is a video that’s causing major debate on social media, whether these two men in the video are raping a 15-year Haitian woman. One of the males is asked by the other to perform […]


Haitian artist did the Unthinkable video to send to her diaspora lover in Miami _ She shows her skills in a naked music video while she’s in bed _ Woww…this Haitian girl is SAVAGE!!

UNBELIEVABLE, we have received a video that a diaspora has leaked of his Haiti lover. From what we learned, she is an unknown hmi artist that reside in Delmas. The woman, as you will see […]