Haitian pastor profiles musical Icon at airport and calls all other HMI artists a bunch of beggars in leaked audio (video)

A Haitian pastor is under fire after audio video of him bashing Haitian musical artists, and specifically calling one legendary singer a beggar.

Gregory Toussaint, pastor at Tabernacle of Glory Church, preached about what he witnessed at an airport after seeing how legendary Tabou Combo band singer, Shoubou was allegedly begging for money ($20s) because he thinks artists like him tends to do things that are not part of their destiny.

Some are calling his declaration very disturbing claim, while others are backing what the pastor claimed that artists from the Haitian Music Industry have the reputation of ending up being beggars.

Shoubou, who’s a lead singer in the band responded to the pastor’s criticism with he was just helping others and not asking for $20 bills for himself as the pastor claimed he was doing because he thinks Haitian musical artists are always doing bad financially.

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