Blondedy Ferdinand CAUGHT FOR FRAUD . . . After she allegedly received funds for disabled Haitian boy picture she reportedly stole.


Hours ago, a man discovered that the child he had been taking care of in Haiti was victim of fraud in the United States.

HE goes by Mackenson alias the “Good Samaritan” who is known to be helping hundreds of helpless people in Haiti recently exposes Haitian former actress Blondedy Ferdinand for violating a simple rule of honesty.

According to the live phone conversation taken from Good Samaritan Facebook page, Mackenson is outrage to find out Blondedy took a picture of one of the kids he’s in charge of from his organization. She posted it on her fund raising page without his knowledge.

Pictures show Blondedy sent a $100 Western Union in support to Mackenson before he found out what was going on. She is also accused of blocking people on WhatsApp who was trying to let her know it isn’t right to steal Mackenson posts to go repost to collect money and not having any form of contact with the child or his guardian.

This breaking news is pretty much still developing and will continue to update on our Facebook page.