#HaitianArtistLivesMatter?HMI artist Mikaben tweets for all musicians to boycott Haiti’s cultural events to push for copyright establishment in the country.

Stunning request from Haitian artist Michael Benjamin or Mikaben asking his musician mates to take a stand for copyrights in Haiti just like the NBA players are boycotting the playoffs to stand against police brutality when it comes to black people, especially men.

Now, of course that would be a great thing since artists in the Haitian Music Industry have been suffering financially when their intellectual property remains unprotected, but others take his tweet as very ignorant because there is far more serious issues facing the country than to worry about cultural events (like the Carnival) which take place every year in Haiti.

Mikaben via Twitter

“Just as I watch Basketball players stand up for boycotting the Playoffs in the United States, Mikaben said. “Let me see if Haitian ARTISTS will not stand in to BLOCK (as I have always proposed), Boycotting Cultural Events (especially carnival!), to demand COPYRIGHTS established in the country. ACT like y’all don’t see this tweet.”

His tweet comes right after many sport players from the NBA decided to boycott the remaining playoff games after another unarmed black man Jacob Blake from Kenosha, Wisconsin were shot 7 times in his back by police.