Haiti’s ex-president Michel Martelly threatens New York woman for interference during speech . . . The JISKOBOU woman responded (VIDEO)


Former Haiti president Michel Martelly, had a shocking surprise during a ceremony organized in his honor in the United States by Venus Production, to crown him as legend of the Haitian music industry.

In front of an audience of handpicked guests, dressed in women’s evening dress and men’s suit / tie, a young Haitian woman, also dressed according to the protocol of the event quietly withdrawing from her table, was able to deceive the vigilance of security by quickly approaching the podium where the former singer president receives his plaque of honor, with in hand, a sign containing his claim.

“Where is the money” “where did the money go?”, She shouted repeatedly, referring to the US $ 4.2 billion generated through PetroCaribe development assistance funds, which was two reports from the Superior Court of Audit and Administrative Litigation, mainly by the Tèt Kale team. Martelly was heard threatening the woman with violence according these spoken words: “I regret I’m on the microphone, because I would have serve you already”.

Panic in the audience! On the effect of emotion, smiling, Martelly ironically thanks the Petrochallenger for wearing a pink dress on occasion. Fearing that the situation was deteriorating, several security agents approached the lady. One of them suddenly grabbed the sign from the Petrochallenger. Quietly she continues with her words: “Kot Kòb PetroCaribe a”?