Husband catches a Side Boyfriend in bed with his wife _ He didn’t do nothing too bad but lets him walk out the house Naked _ IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SNOW TOO!

According to rumors, this man in the video below was caught in bed with another man’s wife. The husband came home and found him on top his newly wed, throws him out the house and seized his clothes. The person who leaked the video says the husband claimed he married his wife just last Christmas and never thought for a second of her committing adultery unless he gave her a reason because he was too much in love with her.

The video was recorded by two women who happened to be driving by and saw the poor freezing helpless man walking down the street NAKED. Instead of helping the wife’s side boyfriend, they recorded the incident then posted it on social media. How embarrassing right? We have no words to what the husband did to his wife but based on the responses the video attracts, he better not try to work it out.

Tell us what would you think the husband should have done or should do after this. Here’s the video: