Wyclef Jean | drops new Music Video “LADY HAITI” from his newest J’OUVERT EP | We’re just going to remain silent on this one(Video)

This is Wyclef Jean fans music video which feature many who attended a Haitian pride month event in May at Miami’s Little Haiti. This kompa track from the hip-hop star is his appreciation for the […]


HMI: The promoter for Kompa in Vegas slams Haitian band Harmonik & Michel Martelly for not showing up for his event which he paid for _ Didn’t even bother to give a last minute notice!

Harmonik is under fire once again for not showing up at another event. They were supposed to perform at the 5th annual Kompa in Vegas on Saturday, but when the promoter Nathan Fragelus called them […]


DON’T get in trouble in Haiti _ Video of two SUSPECTS getting a whooping by the Haitian police _ Please stay out of trouble in Port-Au-Prince

Police in Haiti catches and brings two suspects for an unknown crime. The captured footage shows the two suspects face down on the floor, then police starts to kick them several times before ordering them […]


VIDEO: Haitian Senator Guy Phillippe sentenced to 9 years in prison and ordered to pay $100 fine

Haitian Senator Guy Phillippe, 49, was sentenced today to nine years in prison in Miami for accepting bribes to protect cocaine smugglers who smuggle ship drugs to the United States.  Reporter James Pierre had a talk […]


Haitian Pastor Jackson releases the video | when his wife and brother Bertin were together | If you know body language you can see she got caught (VIDEO)

Last night we dropped the bombshell video of a pastor who exposed his cheating wife Live on Facebook. Now we want you to witness the moment when his wife Rita were with brother Bertin, his […]


Cameraman sa pap fe travay li _ Li avili Rutshelle nan yon program pandan’l sou yon stage _ 3 fwa pa ka yon aksidan mezanmi _ Yo we anba l (VIDEO)

16 Juin, 2017: Gade travay yon cameraman yo bay filme Rutshelle pandan l te sou yon stage nan West Palm Beach Florida. Fet sa pase yon bon ti tan de sa, dapre youn nan joudalis nou yo, men video a te kache […]


Friend SECRETLY record Haitian couple having more than a shower in a Haiti magical river _ You’ve got to see this craziness _ Thats more than love

We never witnessed anything quite like this. Maybe you have. This Haitian couple decides to jump into this magical river in Haiti. People that lives nearby says this happens all the times and they believe […]