Haitian COUPLE had a sex accident _ they’re literally stuck together after an attempt to CHEAT _ Here’s what really happened….

Two cheaters are caught stuck together after they allegedly booked a hotel room to cheat on their significant others.  The couple was being drag to a nearby hospital in Port-au-Prince so that something could be […]


Boston Uber driver who is the former mayor of Les Irois, Haiti is being sued in U.S court for human rights abuses

A Boston school bus and Uber driver who was appointed mayor of a small Haitian village in 2012 by former Haitian President Michel Martelly despite a murder indictment in the Haitian courts is being sued […]


White Man Arrested at Haiti’s Toussaint Louverture Airport _ Because He Carried a Corpse in a Briefcase??? _ YOU GOTTA SEE THIS!

A man carrying a corpse was captured at Toussaint Louverture airport in Haiti. Rumors circulating say that it is that of the former President of Haiti, Rene Garcia Preval. A rumor that seems absurd, because […]


Husband catches a Side Boyfriend in bed with his wife _ He didn’t do nothing too bad but lets him walk out the house Naked _ IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SNOW TOO!

According to rumors, this man in the video below was caught in bed with another man’s wife. The husband came home and found him on top his newly wed, throws him out the house and […]


The Haitian flag causes Wyclef Jean in handcuffs by LAPD _ He was in the area where there was a armed robbery _ Here’s what happened…

Wyclef got in a little bit of trouble overnight. He was handcuffed by LAPD who thought he was the armed robbery suspect they were looking for. Wyclef and two other woman, one of them his […]


The cause of death for former Haiti president Rene Preval autopsy results are in _ Come to find out _ he didn’t die of a heart attack…

We now learning the real cause of death for Haiti’s two-term former president Rene Preval. They’re saying he didn’t die from a heart attack. The autopsy in a foreign lab became necessary after several tests […]


Woman CLAIMS ON LIVE video that HAITIAN singer Rutshelle Guillaumme OWES her $120 worth of waist training MERCHANDISE.

A woman who goes by the name of Rose Mondesir has come forward to put singer Rutshelle Guillaumme on blast over $120. The woman says Rutshelle has been cheating people of out of their hard work to […]