Haitian HUSBAND CHEATS during entire christian talk show in Orlando. Mistress is PREGNANT and she keeping it!

The victim Nadege Noel didn’t see it coming when her husband Richard Begein or better known as XLsior betrayed her trust. They were Orlando’s Christianity couple on their famous talk show “Teach Christian To Make […]


RUTSHELLE joins the MERCHANT team. . . releases her RG brand handbag . . . It’s pretty BIG in size and cost (Photo)

Our power artist Rutshelle is ruthless with this one. She has joined the online merchant team releasing her huge new RG brand handbag. It’s a pretty big deal for an upgrade from the RG hats […]


Roody Roodboy’s “NO CONSCIENCE”video is here . . . His proposal for a THIRD TERM as Carnival president (VIDEO)

SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO Just minutes ago Roody Roodboy released music video for this year’s Haiti Carnival. The singer/rapper once again grabbing lots of attention for the controversial Carnival music. Roodboy is running for his […]


DEA strikes again in Haiti. Former Police Commissioner Innocent Jean Edinord extradited to the United States joining Guy Phillippe

Former Police Commissioner Innocent Jean Edinord is extradited this morning to the United States of America according to Vant Bèf Info (VBI). US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents, in concert with their Haitian counterparts, extradited […]


Roody Roodboy’s Orlando event ALSO CANCELED . . . After his EX Rutshelle Visa was not renewed by Trump’s Homeland Security for unknown violation.

We are learning of of an obvious trend happening in the Haitian Musical Industry. Recently, Rutshelle’s scheduled event in Orlando, Miami and Boston got canceled due to a standoff between her and U.S Homeland Security […]


Haitian group quits this year’s Carnival as a result of the country serious economic hardship, donate to Orphanage instead

Controversy has surrounded the Haitian Raboday group ‘VWADEZIL‘ after a sudden change of heart to participate in this year’s Haiti traditional Carnival event. This come on the hill after images of them with Ba Marassa […]


(AUDIO) Roody ROODBOY claims the Haitian govenment killed his dad, mom in new 2019 Carnival track ”No Conscience”!!!!

It’s that time again in Haiti. The 2019 Carnival is here and Roody Roodboy just drop this year’s track ”No Conscience”. However, the message is somewhat a bit political since Roody decided to have as […]