South Florida Haitian Nurse exposes her cheating boyfriend on Live, “Get your s**t and leave” (VIDEO)


A couple in South Florida, Ajah Jdor caught her boyfriend who is Anderson Bruno. (Anderson seems to have deleted his Fb).

To begin, according to Ajah in the video, it has been 2 years she’s been with Anderson, and Anderson came to live with her. But, when she’s at work, working double shifts, Anderson going around screwing the whole town of Boca Raton in South Florida.

Anderson used to put a lot of words in Ajah’s ears, he knew how different she was, and how much he loved her, and so on.

Well recently things catches up to Anderson, ajah caught him in the arm of another woman. As this is not the first time Anderson have done this, Ajah made sure she expose him in the house Live, filming all of Anderson’s bear as* on Fb, even calling him “a deadbeat dad”.

Yet, two weeks ago, it was June 1st which was Anderson’s birthday, Ajah made a nice post for anderson, she even said that anderson is her whole world, her best friend, etc.

According to previous posts, Ajah is seems to be a nurse whose been taking care of Anderson very well and Anderson lost both, bag and crab.

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