Haitian COUPLE had a sex accident _ they’re literally stuck together after an attempt to CHEAT _ Here’s what really happened….

Two cheaters are caught stuck together after they allegedly booked a hotel room to cheat on their significant others.  The couple was being drag to a nearby hospital in Port-au-Prince so that something could be done to set them free. Witness says the girlfriend of the guy apparently is responsible for the unfortunate event because she may have performed a magic spell to her man as a consequence for betraying her love.

The embarrassing event was caught on many witnesses phone and then uploaded to social media and since gone viral.

We were told  both cheaters were set free and are under lots of pain due to the separation. Here’s the video:

According to rumors, the Explor-Inn Hotel is where they were found. Staff reportedly heard a scream for help from the second floor then after a short explanation, both cheaters were loaded up on a wheelbarrow. It was their checkout time anyway.