Legend Haitian band member kidnapped and robbed . . . With his wife . . . That almost ended pretty bad . . . They’ve been around for 45 years and counting..

December 2, 2016: Do you remember Taboo Combo? They are the 45-year-old band out of Haiti. The founder, Shobou, and his wife are a victim of a home invasion that occurred in their Long island home. Luckily, they are both doing okay.

Police reports say the invaders got in through one of the basement windows after disabling the security system. It seems like they came prepared because the windows had steel guards over them. Shobou’s neighbor thinks it was probably someone that know the band lead singer lives here. Shobou has been living there for quite some times now, for “25 years” he said.

Tabou Combo, Port-au-Prince, 1969.

Tabou Combo, Port-au-Prince, 1969.

We hate to tell you but the thieves got away with just $60 dollars according to Shobou on CBS 2 News in New York. He also told them the intruders had him and his wife on the floor with pillows over their heads so they couldn’t take a good look at them. Isn’t that kidnapping?  It was 3 men who broke into their house. Shobou lives to see another day with only a minor cut on his hand.