Fantom racist claim may be DENIED after ejected from Haiti flight /// Passengers claim he was making SERIOUS threats /// more claims of Fantom have a DIRTY mouth!!

September 4, 2016: A few days ago, Fantom was traveling from Haiti to Canada via Air Transat when he was thrown out the plane. At first, news broke out that a white female passenger didn’t want to fly with Fantom aboard because he appeared to be too ugly, but the Airline says he was ejected because the Barikad rapper was making threats and other passengers got worried and scared. ”..for reasons of safety, the decision was taken not to accept the passenger on the flight. ”, the Airline said.

For the past few months, Fantom has been losing his cool when he’s replying to fans on social media, typically on Instagram. Fans have complained the rapper doesn’t respect the public’s opinion about him, so at times, he just curse at them using degrading language and sometimes even making threats in his comments.

Fantom eventually made it to Canada that day via Air Canada.  Now, It looks like Fantom may have to go to a rehab program to get his anger under control. After touching down in Montreal Canada, he made a last threat towards the airline. ”Air Transat I’m coming for yall, because yall made lost 2 programs, yall are racist and yall stole my ticket money.”