Plane CRASHED with Brazilian soccer team on board. More than 70 confirmed dead. See the team’s last photo together (PICS)

November 29, 2016: We are just learning about a terrible plane crash that happened in Colombia. The plane initially took off from Santa Cruz, Bolivia and before landing in Colombia, it experience an electrical failure, […]

Haitian Culture

The PEOPLE of Haiti ELECTS Jovenel Moise as their choice for president . . . ”Neg Bannann Nan” wins more than 50% of the votes . . . Congratulations to HAITI!

November 29, 2016: After a little over one week since the people of Haiti voted, the Electoral Council unveiled the preliminary results of the November 20 election, PHTK candidate Jovenel Moise is elected as Haiti’s next […]


Former Haiti Prime minister is shot twice . . . He was RUSHED to a hospital, and his condition is CRITICAL . . . LAVALAS under attack!

November 27, 2016: Pray for Haiti Yall. Bandits have attacked and shot Haiti’s former prime minister twice. We are learning Yvone Neptune received one shot in the neck and one in the arm after some […]


LAST NIGHT in Orlando . . . Gazzman Couleur pushes 2 fans off a stage . . . Happens While performing his HEARTBREAK & MISERY song . . . IF you didn’t know, Gazzman is JEALOUS for his stage too (VIOLENT VIDEO)

November 26, 2016: We know some of you couldn’t make it out to see DISIP album release party last night in Orlando, so we sent the Haitian paparazzis out for you. Luckily for them, they caught […]


”ILLUSION” by Arly Lariviere IS HERE. It’s his new fragrance for men and women that he PROMISED earlier this year. And some THINK  he did it for this reason!

November 26, 2010: Just recently Nulook singer Arly Lariviere released news about his fragrance for men and women he introduced earlier this year. The name of it is ”ILLUSION”, which is one of his hit […]


Another beautiful day for AFRICA after a woman decides to pose and twerk NAKED for the public . . . In the middle of a busy street

Woman lost her mind then pulls down her pants to pose in the middle of a busy street in Africa. Since that was not enough, she then starts to twerk for the public and it […]


PRAY for KANYE WEST who is now in the hospital in L.A. For what’s been happening to Weezy lately, could it really be a Kardashian CURSE?

November 21, 2016: Kanye West may be suffering from a mental illness. He was admitted to the UCLA Medical Center for evaluation. West who has been all over the news back-to-back these past few days, […]


Video: SNIPER is caught from causing TERROR in the Haiti election . . . You gotta see this HANDMADE rifle they fabricated to carry out what would have been a DEADLY mission.

November 21, 2016: Haiti officials have in custody a possible sniper that had the intentions to cause terror in the Sunday, November 20 election. The suspect was being very cooperative with police during a brief […]


UNBELIEVABLE . . . Voters in the Haiti Election caught the DEAD standing in line to go vote . . . It’s ILLEGAL to vote after death in the Caribbean (VIDEO INSIDE)

November 21, 2016: Witnesses say the man in this video tried to vote for first round in the Haiti election. He was spotted standing in line at a precinct in Miragoane, Haiti.  They believed he […]