Video: Drake and Jlo were caught french kissing at a party while you were sleeping _ fans want security to follow Rhianna in case she becomes suicidal _ Go Press Play!

The rumors about Drake and Jennifer Lopez are getting extra attention after the two were caught at a party last night. We have footage of them kissing and it don’t look like something Rhianna’s heart […]


A Shooting outside Excell Haitian-Restaurant & Bar left one man dead _ After an argument over a girl _ And you won’t believe what his friends did after they get to the hospital (Details)

There was as shooting early this morning in Delray Beach Florida that leaves one man dead and police wants help finding the suspect(s).  The crime took place outside Excell Haitian-Restaurant & bar, which located at […]


Former Haiti National Soccer Team player and a Deputy for the Palm Beach Sheriffs Office ARRESTED on FEDERAL identity theft charges _ Attorney’s Office calling him ” A threat of danger”!

December 23, 2016: Palm Beach police arrested Frantz Felisma, 42, of Boyton Beach on federal charges of aggravated identity theft. Felisma is accused of stealing drivers personal information and selling them for profits. He allegedly used […]


“It’s really just a miracle and we have to give God all the glory because we never thought they would come home”, family for the two Haitian children said.

A family in Omaha is getting what they always wanted after the adoption process finish adding a brother and a sister to the family. This is the statement from the mother, Minon Frye: You never […]


Former CARIMI singer Michael Guirand come clean about leaving the band _ He says the band became a CANCER for him.

In a recent interview with Kompa Magazine, CARIMI ex-singer told Patrick Desvarieux about the real causes of his departure First of all, Michael apologized to his fans for this break and said he needed some […]


Someone took a picture of who they say is Haitian power artist Rutshelle Guillaume while she was in South Africa _ A fan captured her wearing NO UNDIES on stage _ We hope this isn’t her for real (bòbòt pic)

December 17, 2016: There is a rumor going around about a photo they say its Rutshelle Guillaume, the Haitian cheater singer. According to the source, the picture was taken in South Africa where Miss Guillaume […]


VIDEO: Wyclef Jean’s music may finally be off life support. He releases new Action-Packed video for the song ” I Swear” feat. Young Thug. It looks like he would do better by switching to acting.

What do you think of Haiti’s former presidential candidate new song? Wyclef Jean recently released a new video featuring Young Thug called ”I Swear”. Jean has been trying to bring his music back from life […]


Pray for the HMI. Another artist died this morning. The end of the year is not being too good to this industry….RIP KING!

Were just learning the passing of another power artist in the Haitian Music Industry. This morning in Saint-Marc , Haiti, King Kessy of Koudjay was pronounced dead at Saint-Nicolas hospital. This is second artist the […]


Kodak Black drops New Video ”There He Go” and the camera boy just got out of Jail about a day ago …. Welcome back Black!

This is Kodak Black Brand new after jail visual video. Kodak was first released from jail in Florida, then extradited to face sexual assault charges in South Carolina. Right after posting the $100k bond, the first […]