Other artists are dying the same way Haitian Artist Mikaben collapsed on stage in France.

Former Haiti president Rene Preval is dead at 74

Legend Haitian band member kidnapped and robbed . . . With his wife . . . That almost ended pretty bad . . . They’ve been around for 45 years and counting..

The PEOPLE of Haiti ELECTS Jovenel Moise as their choice for president . . . ”Neg Bannann Nan” wins more than 50% of the votes . . . Congratulations to HAITI!

Arly Lariviere is being ROBBED . . . He needs your HELP! . . . Someone opens more than 20 Nulook accounts to collect money . . . And they’re making money than him!

Love & Kompa: Rutshelle may be CHEATING again / / / Her & boyfriend Stephane Vincent is fighting / / / You won’t believe what they did to each other / / / Here we go all over again!!!

Fantom racist claim may be DENIED after ejected from Haiti flight /// Passengers claim he was making SERIOUS threats /// more claims of Fantom have a DIRTY mouth!!

We have pictures of Carel Pedre when he was still YOUNGSTA in the Countryside of Haiti (Port-de-Paix) . . . You can tell he was hungry to be what SURVEY says he is today . . . SELFISH!

We have the pictures of Catherine Flon after she was done sewing the Haitian Flag : : : Today, she’s a HOT Haitian model posing all N8k8d : : : You gonna want you some Catherine after seeing these pictures!

Haiti DECLINED . . . The United states says they WILL NOT pay for Haiti’s rescheduled remaining elections . . .they need to find their own money!

Lettre ouverte de Moïse Jean-Charles au Président Barack Obama

OAS: Haiti could soon become a Dominican province

WHAT??..Rutshelle gets caught cheating again..BY ROODY and they not even together no more…(Video)

Jazz singer of Haitian origin, Cecile McLorin Salvant won the Grammy for Best Jazz Vocal Album

Rutshelle was so busy touring city of Orlando last night..she almost didn’t show up…we have the full performance video inside

21 Pictures of Haiti you never seen before (it was a paradise)

Haiti’s econmy for 2015 exceeds that of Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras and 4 other nations

More than 43,000 Haitians granted permanent residence by the Brazilian Government

Haitian teenager revolutionizes Android tablet

Jovenel Moise “Nèg Bannann nan ” may be Haiti’s next president….some results shows!!!

54 Candidates but there are only 2 front runners in the Haiti presidential race…..see what poll shows!!

Haiti are World Champions