Fokal CANCELS Gays & Lesbians festival after receiving SERIOUS THREATS of violence towards the event (PRESS NOTE inside)

The September 29 scheduled MassiMadi festival has been cancelled. FOKAL released a Press Note on the decision not to host the event. ”Having received serious threats, FOKAL decided not to host the planned activities for the Massi-madi […]


Garcelle Beauvais is in the Haitians capital State, FlORIDA, trying to find vote for Hillary . . . She thinks even if the Clintons did Haiti WRONG, they deserve your vote (VIDEO)

September 25, 2016: Garcelle Beauvais was campaigning for Hillary Clinton in West Palm Beach. She was talking a bunch of nonsense according to a lot of Haitians. They say she doesn’t know what she’s talking […]


Quick! Someone call Donald Trump . . . Let him know Obama is about to deport up to 5,000 Haitians back to Haiti . . . IMMEDIATELY!!

September 22, 2016: President Obama just signed to deport Haitians coming through the Mexican border. He said Haiti is doing better since the 2010 earthquake and Haitians are risking their lives on the routes they are […]

Haitian Culture

Arly Lariviere is being ROBBED . . . He needs your HELP! . . . Someone opens more than 20 Nulook accounts to collect money . . . And they’re making money than him!

September 21, 2016: The band Nulook lead singer Arly Lariviere is pretty upset. He took on Facebook to warn his followers about a scam. He says someone is using his name and the band to […]


Haitian police arrested a young man for sexually assaulted a 6-month-old baby and a 2-year-old girl . . . He looks like some screws missing up there…(SHOCKING VIDEO)

September 21, 2016: Police in Port-au-Prince have under arrest a man they say sexually assaulted two young girls. One is just 6-month-old and the other a 2-years-old. Both parents of the victims were just feet […]


HORRIFIC CRIME: Man shoots and kills his own daugher over ex-girlfriend new boyfriend moving-in together

September 20, 2016: A texas angry dad by the name of Tarel Felder has taken his own daughter’s life after learning his baby’s mother, Shonique Johnson, moving in with her new boyfriend in Louisiana. The […]


Carel Pedre’s PAST just landed in his PRESENT, threatening his FUTURE . . . Claims of how he tried to FORCE a show Host to have SEX with him 10 years ago . . . Is Pedre a rapist after this evidence?

September 19, 2016: A woman has put radio-talk-show host Carel Pedre in the HOT seat. She claimed Carel Pedre tried to have sex with her 10 years ago while giving her a ride. His accuser […]


Je Suis Dead LOL! . . . Blondedy Ferdinand’s former ROOMMAID Je Suis Creole got into a fight with a BLACK CHICK in West Palm Beach . . . She’s now Je Suis English(VIDEO)

September 19, 2016: An argument sparked between Je Suis Creole and her neighbor in West Palm’s Hood Florida. Our snitch says Creole was unaware of her enemy until she pulled down her wig from behind, which […]


Pastor is reported missing after he accidentally sends his penis picture to his church Whatsapp group / / / This is what happened…

September 16, 2016: A pastor in Cap-Haitien, Haiti, has gone missing after mistakenly sending a picture of his manhσσd to his church Whatsapp group, the church reported. Pastor Limane Monplesir of the Ambassad Christ Church reportedly captioned the picture […]


Photos of Irvin Randle, (the MrStealYourGrandma) with his young-ex-boyfriend is OUT /// Oops…MrStoleYourGrandson ma’am!

September 16, 2016: A couple months ago, the now famous kindergarten teacher Irvin Randle took over the Internet, and was quickly admired by so many women for his style and look. Lots of men were […]