Haitian group quits this year’s Carnival as a result of the country serious economic hardship, donate to Orphanage instead

Controversy has surrounded the Haitian Raboday group ‘VWADEZIL‘ after a sudden change of heart to participate in this year’s Haiti traditional Carnival event. This come on the hill after images of them with Ba Marassa announcing their Carnival track. Many people are speculating it’s because they believe they will not be given a Float in this year’s Carnival event.

Ba Marassa/ Facebook

The group leaders Fresh La and Mister Schaf appeared in in a public announcement video to make fans and sponsors aware why they have decided to withdraw their involvement in the 2019 event. Fresh La with Mister Schaf seating next to him stated and we translate:

The Haitian people, the people of Unity Makes Strength, and Vwadezil fans, this video is to thank y’all for the support. From 2004 to today, thank you very much. And this is a time Vwadezil love a lot and y’all always expecting us. We did everything we always do every year, but unfortunately we cannot love the Carnival more than our country, we cannot love it more than our brothers and sisters. We did the song to bring the PEOPLE’s cry to the those who needed to hear it, and we we believe we brought a message that’s more connected with the reality this year. But, my brothers and sisters, it’s with a lot of regrets that I am announcing that we have decided to refuse all participation in this event.”

Further details on the reason why they quit the event were highlighted by the condition oh how Haiti’s youths are living today and that alone forced them to stay out from this year’s Carnival. They also apologized to the event’s organizers and promised to donate their earnings to an orphanage.