Love & Kompa: Rutshelle may be CHEATING again / / / Her & boyfriend Stephane Vincent is fighting / / / You won’t believe what they did to each other / / / Here we go all over again!!!

September 5, 2016: As you can see if you took a look, Rutshelle has deleted all of her boyfriend Stephane Vicent’s photos from her Instagram. Don’t worry, Stephane did the same too. What is that telling you? Yep! They’re fighting. Right now Vincent is trying to make News out of this by releasing a teaser interview on his Facebook to Motivation Tv.  He said in the interview, he’s using whatever people do or say to him in a negative way, he’ll turn it into something positive.

Rutshelle, on the other hand, is acting like nothing happened as usual. She’s not saying anything. A typical cheater’s strategy called dry eye [je seche in Creole]. There is a lot of reasons that might lead to the disappearance of their photos, but one for sure is Stephane may have gotten upset over that viral picture of Rutshelle on the bed wearing a Calvin Klein women’s boy shorts, causing the Haitian media to unleash attacks of the way she was looking. It was pretty bad.

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