The PEOPLE of Haiti ELECTS Jovenel Moise as their choice for president . . . ”Neg Bannann Nan” wins more than 50% of the votes . . . Congratulations to HAITI!

November 29, 2016: After a little over one week since the people of Haiti voted, the Electoral Council unveiled the preliminary results of the November 20 election, PHTK candidate Jovenel Moise is elected as Haiti’s next president. The results show no second round will on the calendar.

Here the official result numbers: Jovenel Moïse 55.67%, Jude Celestin 19%, Moise Jean Charles 11.04%, Maryse Narcisse 8.99%, and Jean Henry Ceant comes last with just 0.75%. That means the Haitian people has made a choice and elected Moise just on the first round. No second round is necessary if more than 50% of the vote goes to one candidate.

Jovenel Moise accepted the results and side with the Haitian people. ”The Haitian people made their choice and elected me in the first round. – Now, in a spirit of gathering, I invite you, dear compatriots, to borrow with me the road of endogenous development for a Haiti at the height of its historical performances and its legitimate ambitions”, president-elect Moise said on his Facebook page.

Give us your thought about the election results. You can join the conversation by leaving a comment. Continue to follow us on Facebook for more development from the Haiti election. I (WKJA) would like to congratulate Jovenel Moise on his victory and ask for all Haitians to respect the choice of the people and for us all to come together as ONE HAITIAN!