Arly Lariviere is being ROBBED . . . He needs your HELP! . . . Someone opens more than 20 Nulook accounts to collect money . . . And they’re making money than him!

September 21, 2016: The band Nulook lead singer Arly Lariviere is pretty upset. He took on Facebook to warn his followers about a scam. He says someone is using his name and the band to pocket some change. Here’s what we know:

Right now there are roughly about 40 fake pages that are created under Arly Lariviere on Facebook. The Maestro want you to know these pages are not being administered by him or a member of his band.

He warns everyone to go and Unlike all of them. We can’t name of all the pages here as we don’t have the full list, but Arly did post some screen shots of them. See if you a fan these fake pages:


This is from Arly Lariviere’s Facebook verified account. He went on Live to warn you not to follow these fake pages. And if you are, support him, Unlike them to discourage the thieves. Apparently, they’ve been asking fans to donate money to support the band. Lariviere is telling you that’s not true, you are being ROBBED if you donate.