Haiti’s econmy for 2015 exceeds that of Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras and 4 other nations

Haiti’s econmy for 2015 exceeds that of Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras and 4 other nations

A report of the Business Centre of the University of Rosario revealed that the economies of Colombia (2.8%), Mexico (2.6%), Peru (2.6%), Chile (2.5%) and Uruguay (2 , 3%), will have an intermediate growth in the region, surpassed by Haiti (3.2%), Paraguay (3.2%), Costa Rica (3.1%) and Honduras (2.9%), indicating the Closing report of the Economies of Latin America and the Caribbean by 2015.

In general, countries in the Caribbean Basin are favored with growth rates for 2015. In it one of the explanatory factors can be associated to the fact that the United States tends to leave behind, even with up-gradable figures, the conditions of economic stagnation said Giovanni Reyes, director of the PhD in Management Sciences from the University of Rosario and author of the analysis.

In this sense, while it was known that the greatest economic growth during this 2015 is for countries like Panama with 5.8%, 4.6% and Bolivia to Dominican Republic with 4.1%. The report highlighted the negative numbers that are emerging in Ecuador (-0.4%), Brazil (-2.4) and Venezuela (-9.4). “In this country, the drop in production is remarkable and alarming. Venezuela’s economic scenario is characterized by increases in unemployment, rampant inflation, drastic devaluation of the currency and shortages of basic necessities, “Reyes said.

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