HAITI: O NOOO . . .NOT AGAIN! . . . A wife of a Diaspora LEAKS videos and pictures a THIRSTY woman sent to her husband’s phone . . . WOW, why Haitians don’t like to cut their GRASS?

June 29, 2016: SHOCKING videos and pictures emerged online of a woman that lives in Haiti. A wife of a man who she sent them to, claims, the woman refuses to leave her husband alone. […]


Roody Roodboy drops 2nd video ”Poum Fe Nom Mwen” . . . BACK 2 BACK releases just a week after dropping ”Karesem La” . . . that BOY IZ on FIRE!

June 28, 2016: It has been just a week since Roody Roodboy dropped his new video Karesem La, now already, he just released another video from his album Fok Tet Ou La called ”Poum Fe Nom Mwen”. […]


KLASS performed in Las Vegas over the weekend . . . and Richie was FORCED to dress appropriately to look like a man . . . an effort to AVOID another GAS ATTACK like the one Orlando (PIC)

June 28, 2016: You know how they always say ”what happen in Vegas, stay in Vegas”? Well, the band Klass was among the Kompa jazzes that performed in Las Vegas just this past weekend for the […]


La Reine D’Haiti . . . LEAKS a video chat of a Port-Au-Prince man whose wife back in Haiti doesn’t know he’s been hiding in the closet . . . La Reine warns all

June 27, 2016: WTF! A Haitian man visiting from Port-Au-Prince, Haiti contacted La Reine for a possible relation before he leaves town. The man recently visited Orlando but just happened to miss La Reine by […]


The Orlando gunman’s boyfriend revealed SHOCKING details why his lover Omar Mateen shot and killed 50, wounded 53 that night

June 23, 2016:  A man has come out the closet to explain why the Orlando massacre really happened. He spoke with Spanish Tv network Univision in an exclusive interview and he was only identified as […]


Woman claims she met Mr. PERFECT. . .and you wont believe how she is making it known. . .this is unbelievable. . .but WHY?

Woman claims she met Mr. PERFECT. . .and you wont believe how she is making it known. . .this is unbelievable. . .but WHY? June 22, 2016: There  is a woman who posted an unsual […]


18+ ONLY: Have you seen Roody Roodboy’s new music video?. . .It’s called ‘KARESEM LA’. . .THERE is no WAY Haiti is going to accept this from Rutshelle’s XXX boyfriend!

June 22, 2016: Shortly after releasing the teaser, Roody Roodboy drops FULL new video yesterday called ‘Karesem La’. In the video many think it’s a little too explicit for some viewers. But don’t take it from […]


THEY’RE gonna say its not him. . .ROODY ROODBOY soon to drop this new video. . .”KARESEM LA”(TEASER)

June 19, 2016: Your boy is BACK! That’s right, Roody Roodboy will soon drop this new video for this hot new track ”Karesem la”.  Rutshelle may be doing FINE, but the Roodboy is doing BETTER on […]


We now know why it’s hard to find the Haitian lager beer ‘PRESTIGE’ in some places in the United States. . .Its owner HEINEKEN having problems with productions!

June 16, 2016: PRESTIGE, the popular Haitian lager beer that’s manufactured by the brewer Brasserie Nationale D’Haiti, now owns by Heineken and Guinness, is having some trouble exporting because of the country’s political problems.  Heineken […]


HMI BREAKING: Haitian singer, film maker, Jean Claude Guillaume officially dead in Boston. . .lost his long battle!

June 15, 2016: It’s official. Jean Claude Guillaume, the Haitian singer turned film maker has lost his battle to colon cancer in Boston, Massachusset. He passed away early this morning around 5:30 a.m. Guillaume was […]