Haitian pastor tells woman to stop telling husband about her cheating “ It’s not Marie herself who told Joseph she cheated on him with God”

Jesus gets deported after visiting Africa over the weekend, the pastor arrested for inviting him.

VIDEO: Haiti woman killed her husband . . . And what she did next will have you Not want to eat meat again!

Watch: God sends Haitian bandit back to earth…too dangerous for heaven (rumored)

Haiti’s most wanted, alleged gang leader ARNEL JOSEPH leaves PNH looking like April Fools on second failed manhunt operation

Naomi Osaka’s tennis coach sued her over her success, asking for 20 percent for life.

Haitian pastor uses Coca-Cola, Pepsi SODA products to wash off sins for his church members

World best Haitian-Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka faces Serena Williams in final championship match

Stars Insider found Haiti’s president to be one of the sexiest politicians in the world

Palm Beach teacher DEGRADES a Haitian High School student, tells her she must be from a “third world island country” that don’t have doors.

MIAMI-HAITIAN man who TRAVELS to Haiti just to kill his cheating girlfriend says he did it to “set an example”

HAITI: O NOOO . . .NOT AGAIN! . . . A wife of a Diaspora LEAKS videos and pictures a THIRSTY woman sent to her husband’s phone . . . WOW, why Haitians don’t like to cut their GRASS?

WHAT IN THE WORLD?…A gasoline crisis going on in Nigeria…IS SO BAD…that ONE customer had to show up plain NAKED….so everyone can get out his way!!!!

Hit by the Haitian train….NEW LEAKED video shows 2 New Jersey men…..sexually assaulting a woman who appears to be very DRUNK and UNRESPONSIVE….this is so wrong in every level…we hope she’s OK!

WORK PLACE SCANDAL LEAKED….between 2 female Co-Workers in Haiti who they claim work for OAVCT…an auto insurance company…we hope they’re INSURED!

WKJA Exclusive: HMI band member sex tape LEAKED…we have the video everyone is talking about…what happened in the Haitian Music Industry don’t stay there!!

HAITIAN BAND member’s sextape LEAKED OUT….to the public and we have the exclusive video..is the HMI ready for the sextape industry???

VIDEO: Clinton Emails Reveals US inference in the last Haiti Election (2010)… was a selection not an election?!!!

Nonm touye papa l, epi blese manman l poutèt yo pa retounen ak manje deyò pou li

Ils ont découvert cette femme tromper son mari…Êtes-vous pour ou contre sa punition?

Haiti-Vatican: Pope Francis named bishop Chibly Langlois as first Haitian cardinal

Lamarye indispoze—planifikatè maryaj la ap di se yon teyat yo tap jwe

Mari rele madanm li nan tribunal pou twompe li twompe l ak makiyaj, mande $20,000 pou soufrans sikolojik

Prezidan Federasyon Foutbol Ayisyen an mande 6 milyon goud pou preparasyon eliminatwa Mondyal 2018 La

Haitian President Michel Martelly Tells Woman Who Oppose Him: ”..if you want to f**k, pick a guy”