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Florence defends hubby Marlon after Blondedynators call him “Insecure, Unemployed” for tailgating her

The beef competition between Blondedy and Florence have taken new heights. Almost everywhere Florence is attending, her partner Marlon Dure always present; and some from the Blondedy camp are calling him out. Their most recent […]


Blondedy Ferdinand CAUGHT FOR FRAUD . . . After she allegedly received funds for disabled Haitian boy picture she reportedly stole.

BIG PROBLEM FOR BLOND! Hours ago, a man discovered that the child he had been taking care of in Haiti was victim of fraud in the United States. HE goes by Mackenson alias the “Good […]


Haiti’s ex-president Michel Martelly threatens New York woman for interference during speech . . . The JISKOBOU woman responded (VIDEO)

SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO Former Haiti president Michel Martelly, had a shocking surprise during a ceremony organized in his honor in the United States by Venus Production, to crown him as legend of the Haitian […]