Savage: Ex-Husband for Blondedy . . . O.L.C makes new music video about ‘Plastic Booty’ . . . And attacks his ex-Queen lyrically (DETAILS)

The ex husband of Blondedy Ferdinand may soon receive waves of attacks from his ex wife’s camp after going after her booty makeover in his latest music.

The controversial song is titled “Bouda Plastic”, meaning “Plastic Booty” in English. But, the song’s title is not issue at all. It’s what he said in one verse that we know for a fact is going to stir another round of social media battle between the two sides.

Born Orbed Louis Charles, O.L.C was married to Blondedy Ferdinand in 2006, according to information WKJA gathered. They later got divorced in 2010 after the rapper claimed a series of infidelity against his ex-wife Blondedy.

The source also reveals O.L.C had file for a two-year Residence Card (GREEN CARD) for her after the marriage, but he did not file to renew her legal status to continued infidelities from left to right, according to WKJA verified sources.

You can watch a preview of the controversial video below in the meantime. Brèkòb Recording Studios and Entertainment is releasing the full video on October 24, 8:00 PM.