HMI: Blondedy Ferdinand is accused of being a racist / / / She allegedly suggested a mother to to do the UNTHINKABLE to her child / / / (Blondedy SPEAKS)!!

September 7, 2016: There is an outrage mother who is bursting out her anger towards Haitian actress Queen Blondedy Ferdinand. She claims the actress have gone too far by attacking her, much worse her dark son. On her Facebook, Nerline Laurent went LIVE for about 30 minutes screaming to Ferdinand about a face creme they used to lighten up the skin tone.

The video is a little disgusting to watch. Even though it looks like a guy was being a savage, it’s really the Creme on her face. She also says Ferdinand is not a role model, she’s always in a drama on social media.

Here’s what we know, the person who initiated all of this is a friend of Blondedy Ferdinand and she goes by the name Ti Avril. She sent Laurent a friend request and explains to her how Blondedy talked about the Creme and even suggested that Laurent should have use it on her black son to see if it really works.

We reached out to Blondedy and managed to get a statement regarding all of this. “All I know is that I never know who she was until yesterday I have no clue what she’s talking about and I don’t care either. I don’t know the lady, she doesn’t know me, never meet her in my life or her son so she want likes and she start talking about me, let her. The likes won’t last for long like everybody else who tried me“.

Is that enough to call Ferdinand a racist? Because she’s light-skinned? Let us know what you think. Follow us on here on Facebook to join the conversations. Watch Nerline videos below.

CLICK HERE FOR FIRST VIDEO and follow the links in the video for the other two.