Blondedy’s ex-husband O.L.C . . . Just released the controversial ‘Plastic Booty’ music video . . . That people think he’s talking about her (Full Official Music Video)

The wait is over for fans of the Haitian Music Industry as singer O.L.C, the former husband of Blondedy Ferdinand, drops his new controversial video tonight at 8:00 PM SHARP! As promised, you can witness […]


Savage: Ex-Husband for Blondedy . . . O.L.C makes new music video about ‘Plastic Booty’ . . . And attacks his ex-Queen lyrically (DETAILS)

The ex husband of Blondedy Ferdinand may soon receive waves of attacks from his ex wife’s camp after going after her booty makeover in his latest music. The controversial song is titled “Bouda Plastic”, meaning […]


Flash: Donald Trump reveals on Twitter he and the First Lady have CORONAVIRUS and are staying home.

Hours ago, the president of the United States Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump tweeted they both have tested positive for COVID-19 . According to his tweet, both have started quarantining at home together. […]