Haitians #1 supporter Wyclef Jean is MISSING . . . Or is he keeping QUIET about the deadly hurricane in HAITI? . . . Can anyone locate Mr. YELE?

October 8, 2016: A few days ago, category 4 hurricane Matthew blew through southern Haiti to become the worse catastrophic storm since a decade ago. Right now the body count is passing the thousands as officials are discovering more victims. Hurricane Matthew made landfall mainly in Les Cayes but affected other vulnerable areas as well such as Jeremie, Leogane, and Port Salut.

Many top Haitian Artists like the band Klass, Arly Lariviere’s foundation, Izolan and others were among the responders on the ground helping to distribute food, water, and medical needs to the survivors. Now, everyone wants to know; where is Wyclef Jean? He is nowhere to be found.

Jean is known to be present on most of Haiti’s emergencies like the 2010 earthquake that killed over 200,000 people and leaving millions displaced. We are wondering if Wyclef Jean is aware of what’s going on in Haiti right now. Why hasn’t he come forward to acknowledge the unfortunate situation? Ever since he was denied to be a candidate in the Haiti 2010 election, Clef hasn’t been the same.

Many are guessing it’s because of the controversy behind his YELE foundation that may have caused Jean to keep it on the low, at least for now. What do you think is going on with Wyclef? Has Haiti lost him as an ambassador? Share this!