GWO ZIN . . . Sagine Alias Ladyenigas lage nan bol 2 medam kap bat bouda yo . . . ZIN an telman cho ou ka boule

July 31, 2016: Gen yon zin ki CHO sou Facebook la antre 2 medam. Sagine alias Ladyenigas voye yon mesaj pou fanm ki sanble ap pesekite l anpil. Fok fanm sa rann lavi manzer enposib pou li lage nan deye l konsa. Fanm yo rele Roberta Jean Louis ak Tysha […]


New Jersey Haitian mother sentenced to 45 years in prison . . . What she did to her child and the reason she did it is SHOCKING!

July 27, 2016: We are just learning about a hearing that took place in Irvington New Jersey. This 34-year-old mother whose name is Krisla Rezireksyon Kris has been sentenced to 45 years for starving her […]

Haitian Culture

We have pictures of Carel Pedre when he was still YOUNGSTA in the Countryside of Haiti (Port-de-Paix) . . . You can tell he was hungry to be what SURVEY says he is today . . . SELFISH!

July 21, 2016: Check these pictures of Carel Pedre when he was still in Port-de-Paix [Andeyor] Haiti. Someone leaked the pictures to us and they said this was Pedre in 1998, around the same time he […]


Rutshelle is photo’d on the beach in Jacmel Haiti . . . She’s got on this HOT BIKINI and she’s posing it the doggy way (Pic)!

July 21, 2016: Rutshelle wants to break down the internet again. She is photo’d in Jacmel, Haiti, and it looks like she trying to bring sexy back. You have got to see the size of her trunk. […]


SHOCKING DEVELOPMENT: Haitian Kompa band CARIMI quits the HMI . . . They releases this painful statement to all of their fans . . . WOW R.I.P CARIMI!

July 18, 2016: The Kompa band CARIMI calls it quit after their lead singer Mickael Guirand informed them he is OUT. Now every other member is following his lead, RETIRING the band. This is the […]


Someone robs God’s house . . . A Haitian community church in Northwest Miami was burglarized . . . $40,000 worth is missing!

July 15, 2016: On Tuesday, thieves burglarized the Bethesda Ministry Church on 14120 NW 7th Avenue in Northwest Miami and got away with $30,000 to 40,000 worth of equipments. When the church showed up for […]


Video: More than 80 killed in France attack after a truck crashes into a large crowd in Bastille day celebration

July 15, 2016: France was attacked again. Officials say a semi-truck loaded with guns and grenades crashes into a large crowd during the Bastille day celebration. Authorities have confirmed this was not an accident. Surveillance […]


Black man starts a GoFundMe Campaign for racist people to help send him ‘Back To Africa’ . . . Check out how much money he raised so far!

July 14, 2016: You can raise money for anything. Larry Mitchell from Indiana creates a GoFundMe Campaign so he can go back to Africa. Due to recent police shootings, the race debate has been all […]


What’s up with all them cheaters in Florida? . . . A Miami woman reports herself MISSING just so she can cheat on her husband . . . Does cheaters lives matter?

July 12, 2016: We cannot make this up people. A Miami wife have done the dumbest thing a cheater can think of. She reported herself MISSING just to go have some fun with another guy, […]