Someone took a picture of who they say is Haitian power artist Rutshelle Guillaume while she was in South Africa _ A fan captured her wearing NO UNDIES on stage _ We hope this isn’t her for real (bòbòt pic)

December 17, 2016: There is a rumor going around about a photo they say its Rutshelle Guillaume, the Haitian cheater singer. According to the source, the picture was taken in South Africa where Miss Guillaume recently visited. We don’t want to jump to conclusion, but please tell us this is not Rutshelle wearing no panties while performing.

Rutshelle visited South Africa last week. Right after she arrived, she shared with us all via video how the country did not know if there was a place called Haiti. They say Rutshelle was just trying to make it seems like she’s the first Haitian to visit South Africa. Let us remind you this is the same place Wyclef Jean visited in 2008 and Haiti ex-president Jean Bertrand Aristide lived after exiled from Haiti.


Is it Rutshelle? We didn’t think so either.