Racist FOX NEWS show host tweets about hurricane Matthew going over Haiti . . . Wait till you read what she said about Haitians living conditions.

October 2, 2016: Fox News show host Greta Van Susteren’s tweet suggested Haitians living conditions is not ready for a category 4 hurricane.  The storm is reported to be going over the island on Monday, with winds already causing major damages in the country and in Jamaica.

Susteren tweets this status about Haiti and the powerful hurricane: “Most people in #Haiti live in tents, shacks or on the streets and now a hurricane 4 is headed their way”. This is causing an outrage from the Haitian community.


While some Haitians think she has a point, but most are expressing their anger towards her comment, calling her dumb and ignorant. They also say she doesn’t even know where Haiti is located. Let us know your thoughts about this.