What happened to Ti Avril Disip/HMI Diva? . . . We have the info on who she was and why her death is suspicious . . . An HMI investigation maybe underway after an autopsy!

October 12, 2016: This is HEARTBREAKING. There is this woman in Florida that goes by the name of  Ti Avril (DISIP) HMI Diva. She was found dead yesterday morning in South Florida. According many social media sources, she may have died because of skin conditions. They say she use always changing something on her body, even bleached her skin.

But, that’s not all. Two of Ti Avril close friends are calling Blondedy Ferdinand out for her death. Actress Stanley Boco as Geraldine and a guy called GroSiro say Blondedy Ferdinand is responsible for the young lady’s death. According to a Live Facebook post, Geraldine gives details of how she had this dream that this was going to happen and that Ferdinand told them that they were going to die two days prior before they found Ti Avril unresponsive.

If you want to know who Ti Avril Disip was, she was the one that exposed the band Klass’s Maestro Richie and Belkòd as being two gays. She appeared to be a big Disip fan though. She’s also a former best friend of Blondedy Ferdinand. A family member posted this note on her Facebook page asking for privacy:

I understand that you all are calling and you all love her and want answers. But I’m sorry to say there will be no questions answered. Not now, not never. No body love kekket more than her family. We love her through good times and we loved her in down time. This social media world, you have went up and beyond and totally disrespected our family and shared a picture that show my cousin still a live, as she was felling asleep. Don’t worry we are not broken because her finally good byes was share with people that loved her beyond what the world can offer her. We are at peace even through this foolery that is going on, on Facebook. Thank you everyone, for your condolences, for your positive words. I ask you out of respect and for her mother sake please do not call, do not text, any one from our family asking what happen. Please give us time to grieve and handle our family matters as a family. Thank you God Bless. John 3:16

So give us your take on this. What do you think really happened to this young lady. Oh heres the last picture of TiAvril. They say she she was still alive here.

Tiavril disip dead