Blondedy Ferdinand FORCEFULLY makes Haitian woman KISS her mother’s FEET too during second Haiti trip (VIDEO)

In a new video circulating on social media, Blondedy Ferdinand forcefully make a Haitian woman kiss her beloved mother’s “rusty” feet, according to many local Haitian media. As seen in the video below, the woman […]


VIDEO: Former actress and wanna be singer Blondedy Ferdinand feels very happy that an American group think she’s too pretty to be a Haitian

New HMI scandal is gaining ground on the internet of Haitian’s drama queen Blondedy Ferdinand about recent claims she is too pretty to be a Haitian. The recorded audio was captured during an interview during […]


Fan’s incredible voice steals the show from Rutshelle in Morisseau . . . We think she regrets it! (VIDEO)

L’Asile, Haiti: Rutshelle almost regretted inviting a fan to come on stage to help her sing during a performance in Morisseau last night. The unidentified young woman immediately took over when Rutshelle was less than […]

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Haitian pastor tells woman to stop telling husband about her cheating “ It’s not Marie herself who told Joseph she cheated on him with God”

Controversial paster in Haiti making headlines once again after suggesting to his women members not to admit to cheating. Prophet Mackenson Dorilas of the Envoys Church of God lectured the woman during Sunday morning service […]


Just Call her GPS . . . Because she’s all over the map . . . Blondedy Ferdinand signs up to be an international fashion model . . . This could mean dumping the HMI (The Video)

Controversial Haitian artist Blondedy Ferdinand just pulled out a new card to play after her critics keep winning them arguments every time she does something new. This time, the former actress who then became a […]


HMI . . . Blondedy DELETES all her photos wearing RG BRAND swimwear by Rutshelle . . . After she refuses to repost the LOVE.

Major beef sparks among two Haitian artists, Rutshelle Guillaume, and Blondedy Ferdinand, over women supporting women post. About a couple weeks ago, right after her controversial performance at the Montreal Creole Music Festival, Blondedy took […]


Rutshelle and Phylissia take time out to address their CRITICS they have nothing to prove on their new duo music video (WATCH)

Some are CONF– USED! About the new collaboration music video, Rutshelle Guillaume and Phylissia Ross dropped hours ago. The track is called ”I’ll BE THERE”, meaning each will have each other’s back despite what their […]