WKJ SHOCKER: Blondedy Ferdinand divorces husband after receiving her GREENCARD

Over 10 years ago, Haitian business woman came to the United States on undocumented status. She fought the immigration system for a decade, where she was unable to travel anywhere outside U.S territory.

Earlier this month, Ferdinand traveled to Haiti for the very first time since she left her native country 12 years ago. This is when, during a press conference, Ferdinand announced she had indeed finally obtained her Permanent Resident Card (GREENCARD).

She releases this statement on her Facebook yesterday.

When a woman is divorced she loses her name of wife but in no case loses her identity.Divorce is not a sin nor a fatality in itself.

Being a divorced woman also means that you have chosen to write new chapter in your life.

Ladies, know that this is not an easy decision, but it may be the best in some circumstances.”

It didn’t take long for Blondedy Ferdinand to make another shocking announcement about her leaving her husband Yves who we know she has two children with. What is behind this latest development? Could Blondedy have gotten married for papers the whole time? Watch WKJ EXCLUSIVE interview with an individual claiming to know it all. Follow our Facebook pages for more on this.