Meet the drunk stripper who crashed her car onto the three Haitian soccer boys in Miami killing them all (PHOTO)

If this is not negligence by State law officials, then you name it. The woman, Mariam Coulibaly, who mowed 3 Haitian soccer teens in North Miami reported having over 40 prior traffic violations that includes 7 other crashes.

13-year-old Gedeon Desir, Lens Desir,15, both are brothers, and Richecarde Dumay, 17 who are members of the Little Haiti Football Club, established for the low income families with local businesses funding their needs, are no longer with their families.

On Saturday around 5:30 A.M, Coulibaly who allegedly was under the influence of alcohol struck the boys while they were waiting for the bus to take them to the Weston tournament. Authorities believed her SUV was at least going 60 MPH before striking them while standing and waiting for their bus. The teens died at the scene.

The 31-year-old Coulibaly said ” I’m very much depressed about everything going on,” she told the Miami Herald. “I came from a blackout. When I woke up I didn’t even know I hurt people.”

This is a picture of the stripper who apparently had too much to drink before killing the three boys who had a promising future ahead of them. Our hearts and prayers go out to their family.

Mariam Coulibaly/Family