The ”Neg Bannann nan” Jovenel Moise is confirmed as the winner _ And will be the next president of Haiti in February _ Despite some fraud

After considering 12% of the votes cast in the November 20 election, the judges of the Haitian electoral court concluded that the voting had indeed been tainted by some irregularities. They did, however, detect “no massive fraud”, contrary to the claims of some of its opponents.

Mr. Moïse, an agricultural entrepreneur from the north of the country, was running for election under the banner of the party Tet Kale of the outgoing president Michel Martelly. He beat his 26 rivals in the first round with over 55% of the votes, despite a turnout of only 21%.

Second, engineer Jude Célestin of the Alternative League for Progress and Haitian Emancipation is credited with 19%.

Dolphin M Martelly won the largest number of votes in the first round of the presidential election held in October 2015, but the second round was canceled due to multiple problems. The electoral commission finally ordered that the presidential election be resumed in its entirety.

To avoid a vacancy in power, Haitian parliamentarians elected Jocelerme Privert as interim president in February 2016.