The head of ”Dessalines son”, Moise Jean Charles, RUSHED to Port-Au-Prince hospital with life threatening illness

The head of [Pitit Dessalines], Moise Jean-Charles, is a victim of a “serious malaise”, was hospitalized Friday morning, announced the journalist Jean Monard Metellus, presenter of the Ranmase and Intersection broadcasts.

“Since last night, the former senator was not doing well, but it was only this morning, because of the persistence of discomfort, that he was rushed to a hospital,” Metellus said. mid-day.

Very weakened, Moise Jean-Charles has already undergone medical tests, but the medical profession has not yet revealed the origin of the health problems of the fiercest leader of the opposition to the ]Tet Kale] 1 and 2 regimes.

Remember that Moses Jean Charles had already announced other events for October 30, October 31 and November 2. he rejected the call to President Jovenel’s Dialogue. For him, it is too late. ” mwen good pa, mwen good pa”, said Jean Charles.