Nulook’s Maestro Arly Larivière //explains how Dread Shoudly // stole his slogan “Fè Chèlbè/Djòlè” // and makes it his own

Yesterday Nulook lead singer Arly Lariviere released 3 tracks from his upcoming album. In one of the tracks, he called “Fè Chèlbè”, he signaled during an interview with Compas animator Guy WeWe that the slogan started from his crew, but Dread Shoudly quickly took off with it as his own.

Arly didn’t take full credit for the slogan. He said Full credit belongs to Black Roro in New York after he would often call him to tell him to show off with what you got.

According to Arly, Dread Shoudly ran off with their slogan because Black Roro is the one who used to use it during the time they were beefing with each other. Dread Shoudly is the guy that came out with the famous slogan “Nou Pa Egare” and “Mete Granmoun sou nou”