Haitian President Michel Martelly Tells Woman Who Oppose Him: ”..if you want to f**k, pick a guy”

Martelly’s Job approval takes another hit

The President of Haiti Michel Martelly once again disrespected the Haitian people at a  campaign rally in Miragoane, Haïti.. In the Audio we obtained you can hear the cheers and applause coming from the crowed when the Martelly tells the woman whose opposing him  ”if you want to f**ck, pick a guy, there’s a wall, jump over the wall and do him real good”, the audio translated.

How can a president representing a country be allowed to use such degrading words toward its people? Let’s remind you this was to a woman. Where is the respect for the Haitian women who are already dealing with abuse, rape and kidnapping in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere? No one seems to care, instead quite happy with what the president had to say during his rally for >>PHTK<<. The people of Haiti deserves their right to express their opinions and should be free to oppose any president or candidate who is running for office. Just because someone doesn’t agree with your policies, doesn’t give the president the right to use such words towards anyone.

We regret what the president had to say and asking him to make a public apology to this woman.

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